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Access Hoovers for Microsoft Dynamics 2011 is currently supported for online installations, as well as on-premise with an internet facing deployment IFD. If you have questions about your installation type, please email customersupport@hoovers.com.


Installation package and instructions are available on request by emailing customersupport@hoovers.com. Please include your account name, installation type (online, or on-premise with IFD enabled), and contact info to expedite processing.

Please note that if you are upgrading your installation from Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 to 2011, we recommend that you remove the Access Hoovers solution prior to upgrade as Microsoft does not fully support the transfer of 3rd party customizations into Microsoft Dynamics 2011 from 4.0.

Access Hoover's is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 4.0 or higher. Read Details.

Access Hoover's is compatible with MSCRM version 4.0 or higher -- for both On-Premise and Online installations. Our product was not designed to be backward compatible. Customers that are using an older version of the Dynamics CRM will need to upgrade for Access Hoover's to work properly.

Check to see if you have the latest version of Access Hoover's. Read Details.

Administrators, you can check which version of Access Hoover's you have by logging into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and clicking on Settings > Hoover's Configuration > Update API Key and URL. Open the single record. If you have the latest Access Hoover's version, the record will show a read-only "Installer Version" field with a number "4" entered.

If you do not see an Installer Version field, you have an earlier version of Access Hoover's and can download the latest by clicking on the Installer Download Link. Our installer will walk you through the seamless update process, and requires no changes to existing CRM or Access Hoover's settings.

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