See Opportunities First. Build Relationships that Last.

A CRM with bad data is like a pair of glasses with an outdated prescription: they’re expensive, clunky, and keep you from seeing opportunities until it’s too late. D&B360 provides relevant, complete insight and sales tools so sales and marketing teams can get more from the CRM and drive real results. Power your CRM with insight that enables you to get in the door quickly - and be prepared when you get there – so you can maximize the value of every customer relationship.

D&B360 for CRM - See Opportunities First

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Product Highlights

  • Turn-key solution for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP CRM systems
  • See new opportunities first with a single, complete view of customers and prospects
  • Find better prospects with targeted list building tools
  • Get relevant news, social media, contacts, financials and more right inside your CRM
  • Keep your information fresh with hands-free batch updates
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Microsoft Dynamics SAP

Give Sales and Marketing the Informed Advantage

Turn the data in your CRM into insight that helps your sales and marketing teams succeed. Sales teams can discover new opportunities and creating meaningful conversations. Marketing professionals get more robust market segmentation and targeting. And Sales Operations can match sales resources with a true picture of their opportunities by using a consistent and up-to-date source of knowledge. The result is a stronger pipeline, increased close rates, and better customer retention.

Only D&B360 combines trusted insight from D&B and unique Hoover’s sales tools into an award-winning solution that turns your CRM into an engine for growth. Get a single view of customer and prospects, keep your records up to date, and gain comprehensive insight on 265 million companies and 100 million contacts – all delivered through an intuitive interface inside your CRM. With D&B360, you can:

Inject D&B business insight directly into your CRM

Get a 360-degree view of your customer base without lifting a finger. D&B360 injects D&B business insight directly into your CRM, delivering the data you need to find new targets faster. Data is delivered directly into your CRM workflow and allows you to prospect across multiple data sources within a single application.

Build Better Campaigns

Build Better Campaigns Screenshot Targeted list building tools help you segment your market and find prospects that look like your best customers. Create campaigns that flat out get results and drive leads that sales will want to follow up on.

Close More Deals

Close More Deals Screenshot 2 Get all the insight you need to prepare for the sales call in one place inside the CRM. Have meaningful conversations that get you invited back. Cut research time and increase average deal size.

Get More from Your CRM

Get More from Your CRM Screenshot 3 Eliminate duplicate records and validate your customer data against a reliable source of business intelligence. Build more robust customer records. Link accounts with corporate family relationships. Reduce negative impact of errors caused by bad data.

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