To say that the B2B buyer is complex would be a gross understatement. In the world of B2B, buyers are demanding and discerning, as they are under immense pressure from the C-suite to make the right purchase, keep it within budget, and have the team embrace it. One of the biggest challenges for salespeople, therefore, is convincing these buyers that their product or service adds value to their business and makes their professional lives easier.

Identifying your buyers’ pain points and showing proof of how your products or services help them overcome those issues is the key to creating a winning B2B sales strategy. However, B2B salespeople don’t always know what’s most important to their buyers.

The key to creating a successful B2B sales strategy, then, is having a clear understanding of potential buyers’ motivations. Only then will salespeople be able to appropriately position their product or service.

Below are three ways salespeople can capitalize on the three most common B2B buyer pain points:

1. Fear

Addressing a buyer’s fears head on is a great sales strategy. Start by creating a list of the most common fears buyers in your target market have about investing in your product or service. For example, buyers may be turned off because your product requires a large upfront investment or maybe they’re fearful of going through the trouble of implementing a new technology only to have the department not use it. Take those uncertainties and craft appropriate responses to help minimize fear. Discussing potential issues upfront can help distinguish your company as being concerned with buyers’ needs.

2. Money

You’d be hard-pressed to meet a B2B buyer who isn’t concerned with finances. Even those with the deepest pockets don’t like to overpay. That being said, your sales strategy should address and highlight how your product or service can help save businesses money. Be wary, however, as buyers won’t just take your word for it. They want hard evidence that your service will improve their bottom line. Providing buyers with in-depth case studies and client testimonials is a great way to show how your company can solve financial pain points.   

3. Time and Resources

B2B buyers are strapped for time and resources. If your service helps a manager and their employees complete important tasks in a shorter timeframe and you can clearly convey this to prospects, they’ll be more likely to consider and eventually purchase what you have to offer. To bring home the point, use statistics to back up your argument.  

The ability to ease your buyers’ pain points makes you a valuable asset to their organizations. So, start studying their biggest challenges and discover the ways that your company’s service can solve them.

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