Trying to find a little extra money in your budget can feel a lot like trying to squeeze a few extra items into your overstuffed suitcase. You have two options: replace one item with something more important or stuff everything you consider a “must-have” and risk paying for your overweight luggage. Sound familiar?

The truth is that today’s C-level executives are knee-deep in a corporate environment that demands ROI and profitability while still asking for consolidation and budget slashing. As a result, chief executives are racing against the clock to keep business moving, often asking their employees to don multiple hats and log longer hours to achieve this. This seldom leaves room for discussion about how to make smarter investments, streamline workflows, and prioritize initiatives. In fact, the most common barriers that prevent companies from committing to better marketing practices — according to 890 digital marketers surveyed in the Cross-Channel Marketing Report conducted by Econsultancy and Responsys — are a lack of resources (22%) and no clearly defined strategy (19%).

Today’s companies face a very pressing dilemma: how to deepen their benches without breaking the bank. Fortunately, 21st century business tools enable companies to maintain a strong marketing presence and competitive business strategy without making a sizeable dent in their wallets. In this whitepaper, we will explore how modern companies can add a whole new set of players to their rosters while keeping their CAPEX and OPEX spending in check.

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