Nonalcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Report Summary

SIC Codes: 2043 2097 2086
NAICS Codes: 311920 312111 312113 312112

Chapters Include

  • Industry Overview
  • Quarterly Industry Update
  • Business Challenges
  • Trends and Opportunities
  • Call Preparation Questions
  • Financial Information
  • Industry Forecast
  • Website and Media Links
  • Glossary of Acronyms

Nonalcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Industry Overview

Excerpt from Nonalcoholic Beverage Manufacturing Report

Companies in this industry produce carbonated and noncarbonated soft drinks, bottled water, and ice. Major companies include Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper Snapple, and PepsiCo (all based in the US), along with Britvic (UK), Cott (Canada), Danone (France), Nestlé (Switzerland), Red Bull (Austria), and Suntory (Japan).

Competitive Landscape

Demand for nonalcoholic beverages is driven by consumer tastes and demographics. The profitability of individual companies depends on effective marketing. Large companies have economies of scale in production and distribution. Small companies can compete by producing new products, catering to local tastes, or selling at lower prices. The US industry is highly concentrated: the top 50 companies account for 90% of revenue.

Products, Operations & Technology

Major products include soft drinks (more than 80% of industry revenue), bottled water (about 15%), and manufactured ice. Soft drinks include sodas (also referred to as carbonated soft drinks, or CSDs), as well as tea and coffee drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks (but not pure fruit and vegetable juices), and artificially carbonated water.

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