Membership Organizations Report Summary

SIC Codes: 8611 8621 8631 8641 8651
NAICS Codes: 813910 813920 813930 813940 813990

Membership Organizations Industry Overview

Excerpt from Membership Organizations Report

Organizations in this industry promote the business, professional, and political interests of their members. Major organizations include the American Automobile Association, the American Medical Association, the National Football League, and the National Rifle Association, all based in the US, along with the International Chamber of Commerce (France) and the International Law Association (the UK).

Competitive Landscape

Demand is driven by business and political activity. The profitability of individual organizations depends on membership dues and effective marketing. Large organizations have advantages in diverse membership. Small organizations can compete effectively by serving niche industries and local markets.

Products, Operations & Technology

Major sources of revenue include membership dues, convention and seminar fees, and publications. Revenues may also come from testing and examination services. An organization may offer members certification to ensure proper qualifications or to designate level of expertise. Other non-dues related revenues may include sales of services and merchandise. (For example, AAA offers roadside assistance and maps.)