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    General Electric Company

    3135 Easton Tpke.Phone: 203-373-2211
    FairfieldCTFax: 203-373-3131
    United StatesMap Map This Company
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    Officers & Employees

    Chairman and CEOJeffrey Immelt57$3,300,000$4,000,000
    Managing DirectorKarl Fessenden
    Managing DirectorJim Hogan
    Managing DirectorGabriel Halt
    Executive ManagerStuart White
    Executive ManagerRajoo Narang
    Executive ManagerMatt Jones
    Executive ManagerKyungbong Kang
    Managing DirectorDavid Linton
    Executive ManagerTodd Greener
    Managing DirectorPaul Naumann
    Managing DirectoAnthony Moon
    Managing DirectoChris Barbuto
    Managing DirectorSteve Robinson
    Managing Director, Global Platform InvestmentsGerald Friel
    Managing DirectorPatrick Henahan
    Managing DirectorKatherine Choo
    Director Manager DepartmentPamela Engelke
    Managing DirectorSteve McAuley
    Managing DirectoAntje Wilmer
    Managing DirectorAdrian Button
    Managing DirectorLaurent Valentin
    Executive ManagerStewart Key
    Executive ManagerRobert Sidita
    Executive ManagerFarooq Saudagar
    Executive ManagerAdam Colclough
    Executive ManagerPrahalad Singhal
    Senior Managing DirectorStephen Ezekiel
    Managing DirectorAlan Kelly
    Managing Director - West RegionMichael Pura
    Managing DirectorDuane Crisco
    Managing DirectorPaul Scott
    Managing DirectorGareth Davies
    Managing DirectorSusan Yu
    Managing DirectorMark Mellana
    Managing DirectorPaul Nidoh
    Managing DirectorRosemary Eberwine
    Managing DirectorRamzi Nassar
    Managing DirectorHarry Vlandis
    Senior Managing DirectorMark Chen
    Senior Managing DirectorAndrew Brode
    Managing DirectorGeorge Smith
    Managing DirectorAnna Urquiza
    Managing DirectorGordon Wickes
    Managing DirectorMark Bernier
    Managing DirectorMatthew Liepert
    Managing DirectorTanya Taggart
    Managing DirectorSimon White
    Executive ManagerLaszlo Balazs
    Executive ManagerJulie Peyer
    SVP and CFOKeith Sherin54$1,765,000$3,150,000
    SVP and CIO; President and CEO, Home and Business SolutionsCharlene Begley46
    SVP and Chief Marketing OfficerElizabeth Comstock52
    Principal EngineerMichael Nelson
    Chief Information Security OfficerChristopher Hefner
    Principal EngineerJack Doyle
    Lead EngineerScott Lobdell
    Human Resources OfficerFrode Spetland
    Chief Engineer - Engineering ManagerSerge Muller
    Principal EngineerChuck Califf
    Principal EngineerLavelle Freeman
    Lead EngineerVinicius Ubarana
    Chief EngineerDale Cooper
    Chief EngineerJan Schilling
    Chief Engineer, Stds IntegrationPhilip Piqueira
    Lead EngineerVishal Agarwal
    Principal EngineerGraham Holmes
    Chief EngineerJames Lyons
    Chief EngineerRob Dalziel
    Engineering LeaderCurt Hooper
    Principal Engineer - Cfd AnalysisLane Porter
    Chief Credit OfficerCatharine Midkiff
    Engineering LeaderJudy Calvert
    Principal EngineerMike Hyland
    Principal EngineerJon Groh
    Principal EngineerPaul Warwicker
    Principal EngineerAlan Tart
    Principal EngineerPaul Sikkila
    PartnerJeffrey Connelly
    PartnerAllison Rosenburg
    PartnerMatthew Knudsen
    PartnerJohn Buckingham
    Executive Vice PresidentMichael Osullivan
    Executive Vice President - GE Capital Rail Services - Sales & ServicesKareen Gray
    Vice President InvestmentsAmit Chawla
    Executive Vice PresidentChaker Chahrour
    Executive Vice President - GE Capital Rail Services - Rail Business LeaderSameer Gaur
    Svp And Treasurer, Ge And Ge CapitalKathryn Cassidy
    SVP and Director, GE Global ResearchMark Little59
    SVP; President and CEO, GE Oil & GasDaniel Heintzelman55
    Senior Vice PresidentThomas Noto
    Senior Vice President MarketingCindy Fitzgerald
    Senior Vice PresidentMark Holroyd
    Senior Vice PresidentCharles Chiodo
    Senior Vice President SalesHenry Keller
    Senior Vice President Business DevTim Black
    Senior Vice PresidentDan Wallace
    Senior Vice President, Taxes EuropeStephen Parks
    Senior Vice PresidentRoger Welaratne
    Senior Vice PresidentMichelle Demita

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