Know on the Go.

As a sales or marketing professional, you need to know where and when your next new business opportunity will arise and be prepared to take advantage of it. Dun & Bradstreet’s Mobile IQ allows you to do just that by placing the power of Hoover’s in the palm of your hand.


With Mobile IQ – and our premium Mobile IQ Plus – you’ll be able to quickly locate, qualify and prepare for your next sales call by accessing our insight on companies, industries, and contacts along with our suite of intuitive productivity tools – anytime, anywhere.


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Mobile IQ phone


  • Find suspects within geographic proximity
  • Prioritize suspects based on social and firmographic/business insight*
  • Access insights to have effective conversations including social and industry information*

  • Know which customers and prospects are located near you
  • Prioritize customers and prospects based on your own content, analytics and even third-party data
  • Access social media and industry information to have meaningful conversations with customers and prospects*

    *Add-on features

Mobile IQ

Features & Tools

Build a List
Create a highly targeted list with over 50 different criteria selectors on over 87 million companies, 750 industries and 100 million people. Utilize unlimited prospect targeting by location, location type, company size, financials and industry.


Saved Searches
Quickly access all of your saved targeted lists.


My Hoover’s
Provides a single point of access to track your prospects, customers, and competitors, enabling you to easily store and quickly monitor the information and news that’s most important to your business.


Maps: View Targeted Lists of Customers, Prospects and Suspects Near You
When building a list you’ll have the ability to view Dun & Bradstreet companies in your proximity.


One Touch Call-a-Business
Immediately “speed dial” business contacts with a tap on the screen.


Notes & Tags
Track conversations by adding company level notes and custom tags like “Call Back” help you manage your customer and prospect relationships.

Standard Content


Firmographic Data
Identify a vast set of characteristics to help identify which organizations are most likely to purchase your product or retain your services.


Company Overview
Gain access to unmatched insight on over 87 million active companies with relevant social media links and customizable news feeds to help build your business.


Revenue & Employees
Review key sales figures and employee totals to better size opportunities.


Latest News and Social Data (Powered by FirstRain)
Tap into the latest updates on the companies and industries you care about through our news and social service powered by FirstRain. Get up-to-the minute insight on your customers, prospects, competitors and key markets.


Find key decision-makers at a company fast with access to over 100 million global contacts.

Dun & Bradstreet Premium Content

Gain access to over 17 million decision-maker emails.


First Research
Proprietary insight and analysis from our editorial team on over 750 industry segments, Canadian industries, Canadian province, U.S. state industries, global country profiles that include sales call preparation questions and conversation starters.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)*
Access Dun & Bradstreet’s UCC filing and select Dun & Bradstreet business information to evaluate the potential for new opportunities with the business entity.


Commercial Credit Scores*
Assess not only a business's current state, but also its future outlook. The score predicts the likelihood that the company will pay in a severely delinquent manner during the next 12 months based on Dun & Bradstreet's exclusive predictive modeling analysis and full range of data available on past payment patterns, public offerings and financial information.


Financial Services Scores*
Identify businesses with strong propensities to leverage banking credit products, and assess financial services “wallet size” using six modeled scores - Total Balance, Lease Balance, Loan Propensity, LOC Propensity, Lease Propensity and Card Response.

Viability Score*
Assess the probability that a company will no longer be in business, within the next 12 months, compared to all U.S. businesses within the Dun & Bradstreet database.

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* Dun & Bradstreet Specialty Data

Mobile IQ Plus

Kick your Mobile IQ up a notch with Mobile IQ Plus and gain access to our premium features.

Additional Features & Tools


Customer Data/Customer Scores
Create custom views using your own customer data and scores for a 360 view.


My Accounts
Your customer and prospect data matched and enhanced with our data and insight at your fingertips.

Near Here
Locate prospects and customers within your geographical proximity.


Predefined sales Territories
Align territories to create greater balance among your sales teams.


Additional Third-Party Content
Review industry content available through D&B’s Data Exchange or other third-parties to quickly prepare for upcoming calls.


To talk to a Business Information Consultant please call (855) 544-0498


  • Android 1.6+
  • Blackberry 4.0+
  • iOS 3.2+
  • Windows Phone 7.5+