Campbell Soup Company Sales Preparation

Soup boils down to M'm! M'm! Money! at the world's #1 soup maker Campbell Soup. The company's most popular selections among its 90-variety soup portfolio in the US include chicken noodle, tomato, and cream of mushroom. Campbell also makes many other simple foods, snacks, and beverages, including SpaghettiOs canned pasta, Pace picante sauce, V8 beverages, Aussie favorite Arnott's biscuits, and Pepperidge Farm baked goods (including those popular tiny Goldfish crackers). Newer products for the soup company include Garden Fresh Gourmet salsas and dips, and Bolthouse Farms carrots and organic baby foods. All told, Campbell sells its products in 100-plus countries from facilities across the globe.

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Key Financials

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Company Name PUBLIC- (TICKER: CPB)
Market Value 16520.572
as of 2016-10-26
Fiscal Year-End Jul
2016 Sales (mil) 7,961
2016 Employees 16,500
Employee Growth Percent -11.29%
Assets (mil) 7,837
Net Income Growth Percent -18.52%
Sales Growth Percent -1.5%