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Golfers often hit Edwin Watts before hitting the links. Edwin Watts Golf is a leading golf specialty retailer in the US. The company operates a chain of more than 90 stores across more than 15 mostly southeastern states and Texas, as well as shops inside Sears stores. Edwin Watts Golf stores stock clubs, golf balls, bags, training aids, and more. The company also sells golf equipment by catalog and online, and it operates a club leasing program for novices and golfers who like to test-drive state-of-the-art gear. Founded in 1968 as a small pro shop at the municipal golf course in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Edwin Watts Golf is owned by an affiliate of investment firm Sun Capital Partners.

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Income Statement
Revenue $31.6
Gross Profit $0
Operating Income $0
Net Income $0
Diluted EPS $0

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