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Banco Bradesco S A Marketing Contacts

Big banking in Brazil is provided in part by Banco Bradesco, which holds more than R$1 trillion ($350 billion) in assets and has more than 75 million clients. As Brazil's second-largest private sector bank (Banco do Brasil is at the top), Banco Bradesco offers retail banking services through more than 8,100 branches and service offices. It also offers private, middle-market, and corporate banking, savings plans, leasing, auto financing, and credit cards. Brokerage subsidiary Bradesco Securities operates in the US and the UK, while Banco Bradesco Europe provides asset management, private banking, and trade finance services across the European Union. Bradesco was founded as Banco Brasileiro de Descontos in 1943.

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Company Size  
2016 Employees 108793
2016 Sales (mil) $58075.4