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This TreeHouse has a full canopy. TreeHouse Foods is the nation's #1 manufacturer of non-dairy powdered creamer, sold under the Cremora brand, and pickles (Farman's, Nalley's, Peter Piper, and Steinfeld). The company also makes private-label soups, salad dressings and Mexican sauces, drink mixes, hot cereals, macaroni and cheese, skillet dinners, and jams. TreeHouse makes private-label products for foodservice distributors and restaurant chains, as well as for supermarkets and mass merchandisers -- the company's largest market that also buys its own brands. TreeHouse also boasts co-pack business and industrial customers. The company branches out through acquisitions.

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Company Size  
2016 Employees 16027
2016 Sales (mil) $6175.088