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Sears, Roebuck and Co. hasn't outgrown the mall scene, but it's spending more time in other places. Beyond about 670 US mall-based stores in all 50 states, Sears operates 8 Sears Essentials/Grand stores in 8 states, as well as two dozen free-standing Sears Auto Centers offering tires, parts, accessories, and auto repair and maintenance. Sears' stores sell apparel, tools, and appliances (Kenmore), and provide home services (remodeling, appliance repairs) under the Sears Parts & Repair Services and A&E Factory brands. It also operates a growing online business. Sears was acquired by Kmart Holding Corp in 2005. The deal formed Sears Holdings , which owns both chains.

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Employees 140000
Sales (mil) $22138.0