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NB&t Financial Group, Inc. Marketing Contacts

NB&T Financial is the holding company for National Bank and Trust, which serves southwestern and central Ohio from some two-dozen branches. The bank offers standard deposit products and services, including checking and savings accounts, CDs, and IRAs. Its Really Awesome Dollars (RAD) accounts target the 16-and younger set; a minimum deposit of $1.00 is required. Residential mortgages account for about a third of all loans; commercial loans and mortgages make up another 40%. The bank also offers asset management and retirement planning services. NB&T acquired Community National, another Ohio-based community bank, in late 2009. The following year, it sold subsidiary NB&T Insurance Agency to its management.

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Craig F Fortin
Senior Vice President And Chief Financial Officer
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2013 Employees 0
2013 Sales (mil) $32.114