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If a surfer says, "Dude, pass me my Billabong," relax, he's just asking for his T-shirt. Billabong International makes surf and extreme sports (skateboarding and snowboarding) apparel and accessories. Its brands include namesake Billabong, as well as Element, Von Zipper, Nixon, Two Seasons, Sector 9, RVCA, and DaKine. Products sporting its wave logo include board shorts, swimwear, T-shirts, jackets, backpacks, watches, and footwear. Board riders and wannabes can buy the firm's gear at specialty sport stores and at Billabong stores in more than 100 countries. Director Gordon Merchant founded Billabong in 1973. In 2013 V.F. Corporation offered to acquire Billabong to boost its outdoor and action sports business.

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